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Funeral Doom group Profetus was formed in 2006 under heavy snows of Tampere, Finland, in order to stomp a traditional but fresh footprint to the soil of this forgotten graveyard. As heirs of early originators of the style, such as Skepticism and Thergothon, their goal is to drag the dusted coffin further towards the modern days of misery – without losing a single drop of its royal blood. Digging deep into the old funeral atmosphere of the 90’s, Profetus is delivering the solitary moods and the bleak poetry of Scandinavian down-heartedness, projected against the scenery of its unique, raw and godless nature. Performed in a pace slow and solemn like the gravediggers boot, their music can be described as both heavy and crushing yet eerie and hauntingly beautiful, a cinematic funeral procession.

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