Denmark, Dark Descent Records/Me Saco Un Ojo

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Septage were formed during pandemic times by three friends knowing each other from the Copenhagen underground scene. The goal was and is to fuse death metal riffing with the grossness and urgency of the best classic goregrind in songs that are punchy and to the point – yet holds the interest for repeated listening. In spite of an obvious lack of shows, the debut EP, Septic Decadence, received international acclaim. Not a band to sit on their hands, Septage recorded a follow-up EP in early 2021 for release on Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent later that year for even further acclaim. With the imminent resurgence of concerts worldwide, Septage are ready to spread their vision in this way as well. Proving that EP (Septic Decadence) was no fluke, SEPTAGE arrive less than a year later with yet another quick-hitting slab of exquisite putrefaction, Septisk Eradikasyon. […] if anything, the band’s more berserk in that execution here, allowing red-eyed chaos to enter into the filthy fray. Likewise, one could nearly qualify these four knife-cuts as catchy, but perhaps that’s down to SEPTAGE’s sharpened songwriting chops, where riffs are flowing freely and it all just sounds so effortless.

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