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Sadistic Intent is a Death Metal band formed in 1987 from Los Angeles, California. After a handfull of demos and the tape trading circuit of the late 80’s, the band got an international underground following being featured in various fanzines worldwide. In 1990 Sadistic Intent was signed by Wild Rags Records and the Impending Doom EP was released. Shortly after that a few tours followed in Mexico as well as the United States. By 1994 the band had changed it’s line-up and released the Resurrection MCD. With this release the band evolved musically and attracted a new fanbase. That same year the band members opened up an Extreme Metal record shop called Dark Realm Records keeping them busy and in contact with many Metalheads (merchants, bands & fans) from around the world. In 1997 Sadistic Intent released Ancient Black Earth and continued to tour in the USA as well as Mexico. After a few pressings of these releases sold out, Iron Pegasus Records (Germany) re-released both these MCD’s in one full length titled Resurection of the Ancient Black Earth, helping to spread the music even more through out Europe and beyond. The band then met Jeff Becerra (original vocalist of Possessed) and recorded The Exorcist for a tribute CD. Eventually Jeff asked Sadistic Intent to become the members of the reformed Possessed. Starting in 2007 the band kept busy playing live, when Possessed would get invited to do gigs or festival appearences, so would Sadistic Intent! In late 2010 this collaboration came to an end. In 2012 Sadistic Intent was invited back to Europe for another tour and a couple more festivals!! Then in 2014 Iron Pegasus Records released the Reawakening Horrid Thoughts MLP. By this point in time Sadistic Intent had already toured in various countries around the world such as Norway, Brazil, Finland, Mexico, Germany, Chile, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, France and the USA. Never giving into trends, Sadistic Intent continues on it’s path of 80’s inspired Extreme Metal, crossing over and appealling to the fans of Death/Black/Thrash Metal!!! 2016 brings forth the newest recording of Sadistic Intent, this time produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Cryptic Slaughter, Morbid Angel, D.R.I. etc)! Staying true to the Diehard Metal Cult, Sadistic Intent’s dedication and longevity and has earned the band an international following that continues grow…

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