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Formed in Leeds, England in early 2019, Slimelord soon discovered a unique feel in the practise room that melded improvised meditative loopings of spacious riffs with heavy and eerie swamp atmospheres. They entered the studio only a couple of months later and created ‘The Delta Death Sirens’. Their foray into the resurgent old school sound quickly gained them attention as one of the few active bands exploring this style in the UK at the time, support slots for bands such as Tomb Mold, Spectral Voice, Grave Miasma and more occurred throughout 2019 and 2020 before the pandemic. However, Slimelord joined forces with Seed Of Doom, Dry Cough and Sewer Rot records to distribute their releases during this period. ‘Moss Contamination’ (2021) took Slimelord from their muddy bogs to deep reverberating caves, both doom elements as well as faster sequences were exaggerated to the extremes. Slimelord then contributed a cover track for a Noxious Ruin compilation before recording ‘Insurmountable Peril’ in 2022, a more calculated release serving as a bridge to their debut album… During 2023 amidst live performances alongside Incantation, Carcass & an appearance at Killtown Death Fest in Copenhagen, the forthcoming album was given a suitably disgusting but clear mix by Damian Herring and a wild and psychedelic cover art created by Brad Moore. ‘Chytridiomycosis Relinquished’ is set to be released on 8th March 2024 by 20 Buck Spin Record sand will take you on a perilous quest through fantastical environments while delivering a crushing, ataxic yet coordinated sound. Witness the live performance of transmogrifying new material and the first european tour outside of the British moorlands on “Oozing From The Netherworld” with Cryptworm in 2024!

Upcoming Tour Dates

28-06-2024SlimelordUrban SpreeBerlinGermany
29-06-2024SlimelordVooDoo ClubWarszawaPoland
01-07-2024SlimelordStrahov 007PragueCzech Republic
02-07-2024SlimelordGolden NuggetNürnbergGermany
03-07-2024SlimelordVessel 11RotterdamThe Netherlands
04-07-2024SlimelordMCP ApacheFontaine-l'ÉvêqueBelgium
05-07-2024SlimelordSuburbiaSouthamptonUnited Kingdom
06-07-2024SlimelordStar & GarterManchesterUnited Kingdom
07-07-2024SlimelordAudioGlasgowUnited Kingdom
08-07-2024SlimelordFuel CardiffUnited Kingdom
09-07-2024SlimelordNew Cross InnLondonUnited Kingdom
10-07-2024SlimelordTri Martolod BreweryConcarneauFrance
11-07-2024SlimelordLe KlubParisFrance
12-07-2024SlimelordMusic CityAntwerpenBelgium
13-07-2024SlimelordAZ MülheimMülheim an der RuhrGermany
14-07-2024SlimelordIdunaDrachtenThe Netherlands