Mystifier & Craven Idol
June – July 2023

Killtown Bookings is excited to present the final routing for the following tour:

Mystifier (br) – “Primitive Black Magick Dynasty” Tour 2023 – 10th June – 23rd July 2023

Brazilian black metal legends MYSTIFIER will return to Europe for the first time since 2018 to promote their latest releases. They have been confirmed for a series of festivals such as Nada Festival in Portugal, Black Khaos Assault Fest in Belgium, Metal Magic in Denmark and In Flammen and Chaos Descends in Germany. Based around those festival performances, we are now building a monster tour that will take Mystifier to all corners of Europe during the summer months of June and July.

For the last part of the tour from 8th – 23rd July Mystifier will be joined by UK’s finest, CRAVEN IDOL who will be promoting their latest release, Forked Tongues that came out in 2021 via Dark Descent Records.

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— Check out the Mystifier profile.

Tour Dates

Check back later for tour dates