Teratoma + Claustrum
May 2024

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the final routing for the following tour;
TERATOMA (de) + CLAUSTRUM (it) – “Necroptosi Inferni MMXXIV” !!!

We are excited to present this great death metal package with two amazing new European bands from the Unorthodox Emanations label roster; Teratoma from Berlin and Claustrum from Trieste!

Dates will be 15th – 26th May 2024 with 12 dates across the European continent. They will be playing the warm up show for Necropolis Fest in London and join the crazy lineup at Graveland Festival in Hoogeveen in The Netherlands!

Teratoma played last year’s Kill-Town Death Fest and delivered a hell of a show that blew everyone away. This tour will be the last time they play material from their amazing debut album “Purulent Manisfestations” live, since new material are in the works. The members are based in Berlin, but they are all from Chile, Italy and Brazil with pasts in bands such as Hierophant, SpeedKobra, Reactory and Social Chaos to name a few.

Claustrum hits Europe like a storm with their amazing self-titled debut album on Unorthodox Emanations. The band features members from bands like Grime, Affliction Vector and Fierce – all from the Trieste metal scene. They are definitely a band to keep an eye out for, so don’t miss them on their first European tour!

— Check out Teratoma and Claustrum profiles.

Tour Dates

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