UK. Profound Lore Records

Emerging in obscurity with “Denouement” in 2010, Abyssal have forged an indelible imprint on the UK underground death metal scene. Existing for many years as a totally anonymous and untraceable entity, Abyssal colluded with Profound Lore Records to release “Novit Enim Dominus, Qui Sunt Eius” in 2011 – a benchmark album for impenetrable and suffocating darkness. Their 2015 magnum opus “Antikatastaseis” fused darkness and light in equal measure to create an otherworldly and ethereal experience. With 2019’s “A Beacon in the Husk” Abyssal provided a challenging, obtuse and cathartic expedition into the human psyche, with an album that continues to grow in infamy to this day. Between full length works, Abyssal have prolifically released ambitious split records with the undergrounds most impressive artists, such as Carcinoma, Ellorsith and Tchornobog, bringing new dimensions to their sound palette. Playing their first live performances at Iceland’s Oration festival, Abyssal have gained a reputation as a uncompromising live experience, and have since performed on multiple continents at MDF, NDF, North of the Wall and others, alongside such bands as Spectral Voice, Grave Miasma, Sinmara and Svartidaudi.
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