Bedsore + Night Gaunt
May 2024

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the final routing for the following mini tour;
BEDSORE (it) + NIGHT GAUNT (it) – “Italia Nocturna: Shadows and Reveries” tour 2024!!!

We are teaming up two of Rome’s finest bands for a 7 date European mini tour in May 2024! Coming from two opposite ends of the metal spectrum, but sharing two members, Bedsore and Night Gaunt will be quite the eclectic package with prog infused death metal and genre transcending dark metal respectively. Both amazing bands in each their realm and now you get to experience them together!

Bedsore is one of the most unique death metal bands out there and has to be experienced live! After a break from all live activities dedicated to the songwriting process for their sophomore album, Bedsore will be back in May 2024 for a run of selected shows to bring their Progressive Death Metal Magick over Europe. Each show, comprising old and new visions, will be a treat for all the fans of Italian Progressive ‘70s rock and old school Metal of Death, in the name of creative freedom and sonic wilderness.

After almost 4 years spent in the shadows, Night Gaunt will come back for their first European live appearances since 2020, marking also the band’s 10th anniversary, to present new music and a new line-up that includes members of Bedsore, Thulsa Doom and Demonomancy, and to give a live update of their sound, rooted in Doom Metal and projected towards a label-free definition. Night Gaunt is influenced by high contrasts and uncompromising music and the band’s only purpose is to share a visceral, confessional moment with the audience while getting rid of any kind of genre related constriction.

Dates will be 15th – 21st May 2024 with only 7 exclusive dates across the central European continent

— Check out Bedsore and Night Gaunt profiles.

Tour Dates

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