Deteriorot + Ascended Dead
August – September 2023

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the routing for the following tour:

DETERIOROT (us) + ASCENDED DEAD (us) – “Manifested Apparitions of Ungodly Death”!!!

Two generations of American death metal team up for a tour across the European continent in August 2023! As part of the 1st generation of what would become and be labeled as Death Metal, Deteriorot is one of the legendary pioneers of early American Death Metal! This will be their first time touring Europe since 2015 and only the second time since their inception all the way back in 1990!

Deteriorot has recently released their album “The Rebirth” on Faithless Records in the USA and Xtreem Music in Europe, so expect new and old material in their set!

The tour will be celebrating 30 years since the release of “Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits” and the new upcoming full-length album on Xtreem Music entitled “Awakening”. Ascended Dead from San Diego, California will be returning to Europe for the first time since 2019 when they toured with Impetuous Ritual.

Ascended Dead have recently released their second full-length album, “Evenfall of the Apocalypse” via 20 Buck Spin and their shows will be focused on debuting new songs that have never been played live before! For this tour Ascended Dead will be bringing bassist J. Quintana from the original line-up, which is the first time in 9 years the band has played in that constellation! Prepare yourself for some of the best contemporary dark, chaotic, demonic, bestial Death Metal without limitations!

The dates will be August 11th – 3rd September 2023.

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Tour Dates

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