Father Befouled & Encoffination & Snet
August + September 2022

Killtown Bookings is excited to announce the final routing for the following tour:


The tour will take place from 26th August – 4th September 2022 ending with 3 performances at Kill-Town Death Fest VIII in Copenhagen!

Following up on 2019’s “Holy Desolation” tour with a mere 5 dates, Atlanta’s finest death metal acts, Father Befouled and Encoffination will return to Europe once more for another exclusive run of dates. This time for only 7 exclusive concerts!

Father Befouled play dense and suffocating death metal. Anti-christian and death worship themes permeate the dank atmosphere of their songs and invoke a trancelike state of absolute horror. For fans of Incantation, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Necros Christos, & Dead Congregation.

Encoffination spews forward the most suffocating and abysmal doom/death metal imaginable. Textured by the croak and groan of the tomb lid closing and the ethereal darkness of death, this two-piece is the embodiment of the obscure miasma of death.

Sněť is a five-piece act from Prague, Czech Republic, who aims at nasty, punky but also heavy and doomy death metal, presented live with full passion and raw energy.

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Tour Dates

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