Ossuary + Phobophilic
August – September 2023

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the routing for the following tour:

OSSUARY (us) + PHOBOPHILIC (us) “Inhuman Wreckage Tour ’23” 18th Aug. – 3rd Sept. 2023

We are teaming up two great young contemporary American death metal bands for a tour across the European continent! This will be the first time ever to tour in Europe for both bands, so now is your chance to finally see these two great bands perform live!

Ossuary was supposed to tour Europe leading up to the pandemic, but couldn’t make it over for obvious reasons. After the onset of the pandemic, the band took an unexpected hiatus – after over 2 years of dormancy, the band has now remerged, most recently playing Fall From Grace fest in Milwaukee in Dec ’22 and in September Europe is up next!

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut full-length, Phobophilic have positioned themselves as one of US death metal’s leading lights, with deftly woven together themes of philosophical absurdism, existentialism and human consciousness.

Both bands will be playing Kill-Town Death Fest Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark, but before that, they will wreak havoc with 14 shows across Europe!

Amazing artwork by Zezeah @zez_eah

— Check out Ossuary and Phobophilic profiles.

Tour Dates

Check back later for tour dates